Simple Task Manager 1
Simple Task Manager is a tool released as freeware from the Login Consultants download site. I wrote this tool because of an obvious simple question which I couldn’t answer by a google search for “Simple Task Manager”. The result was only more advanced task managers. My customer was used to […]

Simple Task Manager for users in a restricted desktop

sccm query
My previous post for SCCM 2007 R2 is not compatible with SCCM 2012 R2. So this is a follow up. Sometimes a OS deployment (OSD) is not starting with a message that the assigned policies could not be retrieved for the machine. In a lot of cases this is the […]

Find SCCM Objects according to its associated MAC address

XenApp3 3
When working with PVS (I still think it is a beautifull product) I assigned a vDisk to a device in my test environment (single device) on a regular base. This was never a problem. But when I started in the acceptance environment I wanted to assign the vDisk to more […]

[PVS 7.6] Assign vDisk to multiple machines (Collection)

I was always asked to document my GPO’s. But as GPO’s are altered a lot and the GPO report is a great way of documentation I wanted to backup GPO’s on a central location where non-technical guys have the possibility to look at GPO’s and see the built-in explanation of […]

[Powershell] Backup GPO’s in a blink of a moment.

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In an RDS or Citrix farm software updates are always difficult to plan. In my environment where the servers are deployed by SCCM 2012 R2 I want to install Software updates with the SCCM 2012R2 client on a managed way. I don’t want software updates to be installed by a […]

Install Software updates with the SCCM 2012R2 client by Powershell

Deduplication2012R2 10
[Update] This article seem still valid for Windows 8.1 with Update 1. Why did I write this article about enabling deduplication on Windows 8.1?? This article is an update to my first post of deduplication on Windows 8.1 from about 5 months ago. This post got me some comment which […]

How To Enable Deduplication on Windows 8.1

A co-worker (Huib Dijkstra) at Login Consultants wrote a cool article about Flex+ and App-V. The scenario he writes about is an environment where you don’t need a backend App-V infrastructure. I don’t want you to miss this article about “App-V application without App-V Infrastructure”. Feel free to download and […]

[Immidio Flex+] Managing your App-V application without App-V Infrastructure

Deduplication on Windows 8.1 for Hyper-V status-at-20-11-2013 8
21 days ago I posted an article (expired: click here to go to the new article) about how to enable deduplication on your Windows 8.1 OS. I ofcourss I enabled deduplication on Windows 8.1 myself and the saved space was about 164GB on my 500GB Samsung 840 SSD. Which is not a […]

[Update] Deduplication on Windows 8.1 for Hyper-V

Is Powershell Get-Credential really safe?? I used to think Get-Credential was the most secure way of working with credentials in a script. But then I fooled a little bit around with the variable and I found out this…

Is Powershell Get-Credential really safe??